BASC student scholarships

B & N College Bookstore/BASC Scholarship


A total of $10,000 will be awarded annually and distributed during the fall and spring semester following awarding the scholarship. This scholarship may be divided among several students on an annual basis. This award may be used for educational expenses at The College at Brockport as long as the student remains an employee of the Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation or B & N College Bookstore.


This award recognizes student employees working for BASC or the B & N College Bookstore who have demonstrated outstanding service to their community and/or the College at Brockport campus, commitment to their work, and maintained high academic standards.


Student must meet all three eligibility requirements.

  • Undergraduate - current student with no less than 12 credit hours at the College at Brockport OR Graduate - current student with no less than 6 credit hours at the College at Brockport
  • Employed - with BASC or the Bookstore on or prior to January 1, 2014 (no less than one year) OR have worked no less than 200 hours
  • GPA - student must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better


Student must have...

  • Demonstrated broad community service and/or campus involvement. Service may include volunteering for nursing homes, schools, athletic organizations, volunteer fire/ambulance, campus fund raisers, campus organizations, etc. It may also include community service while in high school.
  • Role modeled the corporate values:
    • Team
      We respect one another, come to work each day with a positive attitude, and create a favorable work environment. We value the strength that a diverse team creates. We value open and honest communication. We celebrate our successes and have fun!
    • Organizational Integrity
      We operate with the best interests of the College in mind. We follow the rules. We value honesty, ethics, and transparency. We take ownership and personal responsibility for our actions. We create trust with our customers and each other as an organization.
    • Passion for Excellence
      We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer care and in making each impression a positive one. We value quality, service, and professionalism. We are risk-takers who take initiative and value innovation and continuous improvement.
    • Stewards
      We manage resources efficiently to create and preserve value for our customers. We value safety and make it a key priority. We take care of the environment and provide campus leadership in sustainability.

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Scholarship Application

To apply for the above scholarship, students must first sign up with the Academic Works system and complete a general application. The system will then recommend scholarships that the applicant may be eligible for. If you do not see the Barnes & Noble College Bookstore/BASC Scholarship listed, click on All Scholarships and find it there. In addition to completing the essay and two letters of recommendation (one of which must be from a regular BASC employee) as part of the general application, applicants will be asked to submit additional information regarding their community service and how they role model BASC's values of team, organizational integrity, passion for excellence, and stewardship.

The deadline to complete the application process is March 1, 2015.

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For questions regarding these scholarships, please email Anna Hintz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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