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Awards & certifications

BASC services are nationally recognized, award-winning, and top rated. Explore the information below to learn about the various awards and certifications earned by BASC.

Top Ranks in SUNY

Through the years BASC has won a variety of awards for its dining services, including national awards. SUNY Brockport Dining Services has ranked among the top dining programs according to the SUNY-wide Student Opinion Survey conducted by representatives of ACT (American College Testing Program.)

Our goal is to provide an overall dining program that meets the needs of the College community as reflected in high customer satisfaction and participation. The following five strategies are the foundation of our program: value, culinary, wellness, facilities, and efficiency.

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Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation has won the following awards from the National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS):

  • 2011 "Best in Business" Campus C-Store Award for excellence in "Updating Your Existing C-Store" category

Loyal E. Horton dining awards

  • 2019 Gold and Grand Prize Award in the category of Residential Dining - Special Event 
  • 2018 Bronze Award in the catergory of Retail Sales - Single Concept/Multiple Concept/Marketplace
  • 2016 Bronze Award in the caterory of Residential Dining - Special Events Theme Dinner
  • 2009 Silver Award in the category of Catering - Special Event
  • Gold Award and Grand Prize in the category of Retail Sales - Single Stand-Alone Concept/Outlet
  • Gold Award in the category of Resident Dining Hall - Theme Dinner
  • Silver Award in the category of Residence Dining Hall - Standard Menu
  • Silver Award in the category of Retail Sales - Multiple Outlets/Concepts
  • Silver Award in the category of Catering - Special Event
  • Honorable Mention in the category of Residence Dining Hall - Theme Dinner

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American Culinary Federation Awards

  • 2018 Gold Award in the ACF Competition at the UB Culinary Summit
  • 2017 Silver Award in the ACF Competition at the UB Culinary Summit

ServSafe Certified

Our Dining Service Employees are trained and certified through the ServSafe program to ensure that your food is not only nutritious, but SAFE. SERVSAFE is a certification program developed by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) in 1995. The focus of this program is to train foodservice handlers about general food safety principles and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) concepts. The ServSafe program has become the industry standard in food safety training. The ServSafe program provides accurate, up-to-date information for all levels of employees on all aspects of handling food, from receiving and storing to preparing and serving.

BASC realizes that it is our obligation to serve safe food and has over 90 employees that are currently ServSafe certified. We are very proud of our past track record and will continue our commitment to serving safe food to our customers.

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Allertrain Certified

Many of our dining service employees are ANSI-accredited in food allergy and gluten free training.

CPR & First Aid Certified

Many of our dining service employees are certified by the American Red Cross in CPR and first aid.

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Miscellaneous Awards

The redesigned website for Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation that launched in August 2012 won a Pinnacle Award from the AMA Rochester Chapter. Learn more about the Pinnacle Awards in this Rochester Business Journal article (new window).

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