Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation strives to provide a positive experience each and every time you eat with us at SUNY Brockport. Learn more about our leadership and how we foster student success by reviewing the information below.

Board of Directors

BASC’s commitment to all of its customers is reflected in the governing eleven-member Board of Directors. BASC Board members include the following representatives:

  • Alumni – Donald Murray
  • Vice President of Administration & Finance – Ian Harper
  • Vice President of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs – Lorraine Acker
  • College Senate – Kathleen Peterson
  • College Senate – Carl O’Connor
  • College Senate – Charles Callahan III
  • President’s Appointee – Erick Hart
  • Brockport Student Government – Lily Wegerski
  • Brockport Student Government – Tiana Jackson
  • Brockport Student Government – Elisabeth Marryshow


BASC is an innovative and entrepreneurial organization that delivers key services with integrity and efficiency to foster student success, enhance the quality of life, and support the strategic initiatives of the College.


BASC provides a positive experience each and every time we interact with the campus community.


Team – We respect one another, come to work each day with a positive attitude, and create a favorable work environment. We value the strength that a diverse team creates. We value open and honest communication. We celebrate our successes and have fun! 

Organizational Integrity – We operate with the best interests of the College in mind. We follow the rules. We value honesty, ethics, and transparency. We take ownership and personal responsibility for our actions. We create trust with our customer and each other as an organization.

Passion for Excellence – We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer care and in making each impression a positive one. We value quality, service, and professionalism. We are risk-takers who take initiative and value innovation and continuous improvement.

Stewardship – We manage resources efficiently to create and preserve value for our customers. We value safety and make it a key priority. We take care of the environment and provide campus leadership in sustainability.

Employee Promise

We recognize that our people are our single greatest asset in achieving our mission and vision. To our team members we promise to provide meaningful work, fair wages, the tools for success, and a supportive work environment that is reflective of our company values and provides opportunity for growth and development.