Other Services

Other services that BASC provides on SUNY Brockport campus include vending machines, residence hall laundry machines, and ATM machines.

On-Campus ATM's

M&T Bank - located at the east entrance to Harrison and TRAX. M&T charges $3 to use the machine if you do not have an account with them.

Advantage Federal Credit Union
Located in the Special Events Recreation Center and on the first floor of the Seymour College Union near the Information Desk. Advantage charges $3 to use the machine if you do not have an account with them. For information or issues regarding any of the ATM machine, call 585.395.BASC(2272).

Resident laundry facilities

BASC is proud to provide high efficiency front-loading washers and dryers. The washers require less water, hold larger loads, and save energy in reduced water heating. They also extract more water from your clothes, shortening drying time and saving even more energy. For more information, refer to these helpful laundry resources from our vendor. 

The use of resident laundry facilities is included in the student residential housing fee.

Report a service issue by contacting your RA or RD for laundry machine problems or service.

Place a service request using the CSC ServiceWorks Service Request app. Learn more >

Laundry tips

You only need a small amount of detergent. A tablespoon of regular detergent, or the size of a coffee creamer is about how much detergent you'll need to use. If using high efficiency detergent, use the amount indicated on the bottle.

More soap isn't better! The more soap you use, the more suds it creates. The machine can shut off to protect the pump, and all that extra soap is left stuck in the fibers of your clothes.

You'll walk around feeling grimy, even though you just put on clean clothes. Don't overload the machines. Your clothes won't wash properly, and it will take much longer to dry. Sometimes it causes the door to pop open. Occasionally the load is just too heavy for the machine and it shuts down.

Don't under load the machines (example: pair of jeans or sneakers). The machine can become unbalanced and error out. Your clothes won't dry as well either. When you have just a few things to dry, add a few dry towels to the load and it will dry quickly and efficiently.

Check your pockets before putting items into the washer. Not only can an exploding pen ruin your clothes, but small parts can fall into the machine and cause it to break.

Once the door is locked it cannot be opened. If you try to open it once it has locked, the machine will error out.

Please clean the lint trap on the dryers before and after every load. Like a car's air filter, the machine runs better when it's clean.

Convenient on-campus vending

You may use cash, credit, or debit to purchase snacks and beverages at the vending machines located on campus.

Often, a machine malfunction is not apparent when the vendor replenishes the machine. In addition, most of us NEVER call for service or even a refund. However, no problem is too small—for problems or service, please call 585-395-BASC (2272) or email [email protected].