We help our campus community members live green and reduce their carbon footprint through the following initiatives:

  • Many of the to-go foods are packaged in recyclable containers.
  • Recycling bins are available and proper recycling is encouraged.
  • Dining Services offers a number of plant-based menu items in all dining locations across campus. Eating more plant-based meals is great for your health and the planet!
  • Dining Services sources local foods whenever possible. Approximately 90% of the dairy products served on campus are produced locally and about 12-15% of produce is sourced locally through our prime vendors.
  • Our prime food vendor, Sysco, works in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to improve the sustainability of its seafood procurement. Through this partnership, Sysco works with its supply chains to transition fisheries and aquaculture farms globally to more sustainable and responsible resources. Look for sustainable seafood menu items we serve that have the WWF seal of approval.
  • We also offer locally-sourced, New York-based organic greens at our dining halls from Bolton Farms in Hilton, NY. Look for their selection of greens in Harrison Dining Hall. Add them to your salad or top your favorite dish with nutrient-rich greens today.
  • Each recipe has a specific portion for served items. In the dining hall, customers can always ask for more (or less – especially when wanting to sample a food item first). Portions are in place to help eliminate food waste. Customers are encouraged to take only what they know they will eat and come back for seconds.
  • The Barnes & Noble College Bookstore offers students used and rental book options. These are great ways to save money and reduce your carbon footprint!