Get started with Easy Money!

To activate your Easy Money account, simply add a deposit in one of the following ways:

  • Check. Contact BASC at 585.395.BASC (2272) to make arrangements to drop off payment.
  • Excess Financial Aid. Students are eligible to charge Easy Money deposits up to $1,000 per semester via the student bill only if sufficient excess financial aid is available and the Federal Title IV authorization process for “non-institutional expenses” has been completed via the Office of Student Accounts website. Once that process is completed, contact BASC at 585.395.BASC (2272) or The deadline to add funds to your student bill is first two weeks in each semester.
  • Credit Card. Deposits are accepted online using your NET ID and password, or by contacting BASC at 585.395.BASC (2272) or

Follow this link to watch our recent Easy Money video: this short, explanatory video will help you use excess financial aid on your Easy Money Account to purchase your course materials.

Terms of Agreement

Please note that any changes to your student bill must be done in the first two weeks of each semester.