Garnishes is the service offered by Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation (BASC). BASC is the sole provider of food and beverage at SUNY Brockport and has the right of first refusal for all catering on campus. This policy supports the relationship between BASC and the campus, helps promote safe food handling practices, and protects the public.

When BASC is unable to meet the food needs of the event, food waivers are permitted in non-BASC facilities. The waiver process ensures that all foods served on campus comply with applicable local, state, and federal laws, and that legal responsibility for the food is documented.

Upon exercising its right of first refusal, BASC will provide the requesting party with a list of approved vendors along with the Food Waiver Application. The responsible party must submit the Food Waiver Application to BASC for final approval at least (2) weeks in advance of the event. Upon review and approval, BASC will provide the responsible party with a fully executed Food Waiver. To initiate a request, submit a Catering/Food Request Form.