Eagle's Nest Menu

  • Beverages


    S $1.69

    M $1.89

    Tazo Tea

    S $1.79

    M $1.79

    French Vanilla Cappuccino

    S $1.69

    M $1.89

    Hot Chocolate

    S $1.69

    M $1.89


    Slush Puppy

    M $1.69

    L $1.99

  • Hershey's Ice Cream



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Eagle's Nest

Located on the ground floor of Harrison Hall next to TRAX, the award-winning Eagle's Nest offers F'Real milkshakes, Hershey's ice cream, Fresh on the Go items, and over 200 convenience items including gluten-free, organic, and natural food. An Eagle's Nest visit is the perfect stop to supply your residence hall, townhome or apartment with food and household kitchen and bathroom products.

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Regular Hours

Mon - Fri 11 - 1 am
Sat - Sun 9 - 1 am

Welcome Weekend

Tue, Jan 217 pm - 12 am
Wed, Jan 2210 - 12 am


First floor of Harrison Hall


Chris McCauley

Phone: 395-5798

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