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Beverages Menu

  • Cold Beverages

    Soda, Revolet Enhanced Flavored Water, and Juice

    S $1.69

    L $1.99

    F'Real Milkshakes & Smoothies$3.99

    Starbucks Iced Coffee

    S $1.99

    L $2.39

    Tazo Iced Tea

    S $1.79

    L $2.29

  • Hot Beverages

    Starbucks Coffee

    S $1.79

    M $1.99

    L $2.29

    Tazo Tea

    S $1.79

    M $1.79

    L $1.79

    Hot Chocolate and Cappuccino

    S $1.69

    M $1.89

    L $2.09

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Choose from a variety of fountain beverages and hot drinks including F'real shakes and smoothies, Starbucks coffee,  and Tazo tea.

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Seymour College Union, The Square

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