Safety in the work place is every team member’s responsibility. Our safety program is built on a
cohesive team in each unit working together to keep our facilities safe.

 We’ve created several safety policy reminders. These reminders include: 

  1. All employees working with, operating, and cleaning knives, tomato slicers, food processors, automatic slicers, buffalo choppers, and any other sharp-bladed pieces of equipment are required to wear a cut resistant glove. Do not leave knives or equipment unattended in a pot and pan sink.

  2. To prevent injury from lifting, store heavy loads on lower shelves and racks, use a ladder or step stool for any load that must be reached or placed on a rack higher than shoulder level, and get help if necessary, especially when a ladder is involved.

  3. To prevent accidents to customers and team members clean and mop all spills immediately and put wet floor signs in place. Always walk (do not run) cautiously in the kitchen and wear closed-toe safety footwear.

  4. To prevent accidents due to steam and heat, keep potholders and oven mitts dry. Damp potholders will transfer heat from the pan right to your hand. Lift lids away from your face when opening from a pot or pan. Steam is very hot and can be completely invisible. Always ask to be trained before using any piece of equipment which you are unfamiliar.

  5. To prevent contamination and food borne illness, wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water and change your gloves after you handle raw food or any time your gloves become soiled or contaminated.

  6. Any accident, injury, and unsafe incident from customers and team members must be reported immediately to a supervisor.

 Team members are encouraged to report any safety concerns to their supervisor or Safety Team representative.