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What are Dining Dollars?

Most meal plans come with a designated amount of Dining Dollars. Accessed through your Eagle One card, Dining Dollars act as a debit account for students to make meal purchases. Students like the flexibility of Dining Dollars because they can be used at any dining location on campus. And, you'll save 8% (New York State Tax) when you spend Dining Dollars instead of cash. When you make a purchase using Dining Dollars, that amount will be deducted from your account and the remaining account balance will display at the point of sale. You can add Dining Dollars to your account at anytime.

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Do Dining Dollars roll over from semester to semester?

Dining Dollars roll over from the fall to spring semester when enrolled in a spring plan, but do not roll over from academic year to academic year.

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How can I view my Dining Dollar balance?

Your Dining Dollar balance displays each time you make a purchase. You can also view your account balance online or call the Business Office at (585) 395-BASC (2272).

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How can I add more Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars can be added via credit card online, from your smartphone using the GET app available from the Android or Apple store, or by calling the Business Office at (585) 395-BASC (2272) once an account is activated. If paying by cash or check, please stop by the Business Office located on the first floor of Brockway Hall. Open an account with as little as $25 and add as often as you like. For added value, commuters and townhome students should consider making a larger Dining Dollar deposit and we'll throw in extra Bonus Dining Dollars on us!

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If I add Dining Dollars to my account online, how long does it take for them to show up?

Deposits made online with a credit card are in real time, so they will be on your account immediately. Adding funds via your student bill online (available only during the first two weeks of each semester) usually takes 24-48 hours to become active.

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