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Lost your ID Card?

If your ID card is lost or stolen, we recommend that you deactivate your card until you either get a temporary card or purchase a new card. Deactivate your card within GET to turn off door access to your residennce hall, and then be sure to deactivate your card within StudentLink for your Dining Plan and other accounts. Once you have deactivated your card you must go to the BASC Business Office to reactivate your card, get a temporary ID card or purchase a new ID card. There is a $25 fee to replace your ID card.

In the event that an ID card is misplaced, a temporary card can be issued by going to the BASC Business Office in Brockway Hall, TRAX in Harrison Hall, or Harrison Dining Hall if the Business Office is closed. The temporary card will expire in 4 days and MUST be returned to the Business Office or a $25 fine will be imposed. The temporary ID card replaces your original ID card; therefore if you find your ID card it will not work. You must bring the temporary ID card and your originial ID card to the Business Office to reactivate your card.