Effective August 1, 2024

Terms of Agreement for Resident, Townhome, & Commuter Students

Applicable to all (resident, townhome, & commuter) dining plans

All dining plan options are accessed through the student ID card, the official identification card for SUNY Brockport, or the virtual BASC Pass, accessed via basc1.org. Use of any of the dining plans means you have accepted the terms and conditions listed below, and they will apply to your account. Other offers from the Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation (BASC) may supersede this agreement.

Use of the dining plan constitutes acknowledgement, acceptance, and assumption of all risks and liability associated with dining on campus and/or purchasing meals from BASC. The account holder further agrees to abide by all rules and regulations related to pandemics (i.e. social distancing, mask wearing, hand washing/use of hand sanitizer, etc.), and any other rules set forth by the federal, state, or local government, the campus and/or BASC.

Harrison Dining Hall is for dine-in only; no food may be removed. China, glasses, silverware or other Dining Services’ property must remain in the dining facilities. The dining plan agreement is a semester contract and is tax exempt, therefore only the account holder can use their ID card/virtual BASC Pass to access their dining plan. Any student who shares their account access and/or attempts to use another student’s account will be subject to discipline via the Office of Student Conduct and/or subject to a financial penalty up to and including the cost of the meal plan.

When providing email addresses (student and/or parent) as part of the dining plan selection process, the student and/or parent give permission to receive electronic communications from BASC.

Account Access

Card holders are responsible for deactivating their physical ID card in the event of a lost card. In the event of a lost physical ID card, the virtual BASC Pass will remain active. Dining Services is not responsible for any transactions that occur when a card is lost.

Payment, Plan Changes, and Refunds

If eligible, payment for a dining service account may be deferred through the Financial Aid Office located in the Rakov Center.

Dining plan selections, changes, and additions to the student bill are limited to the first two weeks of the semester. Only one change to a dining plan can be made during the first two weeks of each semester.

Meal Plan prices include a $100 fee that is non-refundable after the first two weeks of the semester. Meal Plan (plans that include both meals and points) refunds are granted only for on-campus students, and will only be granted when the student formally withdraws from the College and on campus housing. All refunds will be less the $100 non-refundable fee (if after the second week in the semester) and on a prorated basis. New York State sales code stipulates that qualified refunds for tax exempt plans will be based on time criteria and not plan utilization. The refund schedule is as follows: Before the first day of the semester—100%, Weeks 1-2— 87%, Weeks 3-4—75%, Weeks 5-6—62%, Weeks 7-8—50%, Weeks 9-10—37%, Weeks 11 and after—0%.

Points only plans and optional point purchases added to any plan are non-refundable except during the first two weeks of the semester if the account has remained idle and no Points have been used.


For Meal Plan holders, “meals” are redeemed once per visit at the dining halls, The Nest for You Pick 3 options, or The Square for select options. When using a meal swipe, only one meal per visit may be redeemed. Meal balances reset starting with breakfast on Monday each week on the Any 19, Any 14, Any 10, and Any 5 Plans. Unused meals after dinner on Sunday do not carry over week to week on these plans. Hours are posted at www.basc1.org.

Meals do not roll over between semesters.

Anytime Meals

The Any 19, Any 14, Any 10, and Any 5 plans include three Anytime Meals per semester for use at the dining halls, select options at The Square, or the You Pick 3 at The Nest. Meals may be used for the plan holder or a guest. Anytime Meals are good for the entire semester, but any remaining Anytime Meals (including those provided as part of a promotion) do not carry over to the next semester.


Every meal plan comes with Points which may be used in any dining location. Additional Points of 25 – 500 may be purchased at one time via credit card at www.basc1.org. Up to 1000 points may be purchased and applied to the student bill. A point balance of 1000 is the maximum allowed at any time. Students will not be allowed to deposit any amount that would result in a total point balance of more than 1000.

Bonus Points are offered as part of special promotions. Bonus Points work the same as Points. Bonus Points are not eligible for any refund.

Points (including Bonus Points) do not roll over between semesters due to NYS tax regulations. Meal Plan holders who exhaust their dining hall meals in any given week can still eat in the dining hall. They will be charged Points for additional meals.

The following are the Points required for meals in the dining hall:

Breakfast: 11.00
Lunch/Brunch/Light Lunch: 15.00
Dinner: 17.25

Resident Agreement (Required)

Applicable to resident dining plans

When you live on campus, you must purchase a resident meal plan. All new residents who do not select a plan will be assigned the Any 19 Plan. Returning resident students will be defaulted to the meal plan they had the previous semester. Requests for additional Points via your student bill need to be made during the first two weeks of each semester.

Townhome/Commuter Agreement (Optional)

Applicable to townhome & commuter dining plans

When you live in the townhomes or off campus, all Dining Plans are optional. Townhome residents and commuter students may choose any Meal or Point Plans. Meals as part of a Meal Block Plan expire at the end of the semester. Points only accounts (not part of a meal plan) require an initial minimum deposit of 25 points. Additional Points of 25 – 500 may be added via credit card at www.basc1.org. When a student adds Points and/or selects a Meal plan via their student bill in the fall semester, that same amount/plan will be added in the spring semester, unless otherwise requested. Townhome and commuter students need to reselect their Points and/or Meal plan each fall at the start of the academic year.

Information on the above accounts can only be discussed with the student who holds the account.

Refer to the Student Handbook, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Policy, On-Campus Housing Agreement, & other policies for SUNY Brockport.