Effective August 1, 2024

Easy Money Agreement

Faculty/staff Easy Money is an optional taxable debit account at SUNY Brockport that is accessed through the ID card, the official identification card for SUNY Brockport, or the virtual BASC Pass, accessed via basc1.org. It is intended for personal use by faculty or staff employed by the University. Easy Money is managed by Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation (BASC) and other offers from BASC may supersede this offer.

Card holders are responsible for deactivating their physical ID card in the event of a lost card. In the event of a lost physical ID card, the virtual BASC Pass will remain active. BASC is not responsible for any transactions that occur when a card is lost. Any person who attempts to use another person’s account will be subject to discipline within the campus judicial system.

Easy Money can be used at locations on campus. See www.basc1.org for a complete listing of locations. (Subject to change.)

Once an Easy Money account is opened, funds can be added via credit card at basc1.org. There is a $1,500 balance limit for Easy Money accounts. Any use of faculty/staff Easy Money at any participating location means you have accepted the terms and conditions. A faculty/staff Easy Money account is activated when a deposit is received and the faculty/staff employee has an active ID card. There is no charge to open an account.

Easy Money accounts with no transactions for twelve months will incur a monthly inactivity fee of the lesser of (i) $25* or (ii) the amount of your remaining unused Easy Money, starting with the twelfth month of successive inactivity. BASC will deduct that fee from the value of your unused Easy Money prior to issuing any refund. The amount of any monthly maintenance fee is not refundable in whole or in part and will not be restored to you even if you later request a refund of your unused Easy Money. Upon separation or at the end of the spring semester, you may contact BASC for a refund of your Easy Money.

Easy Money cannot be used to purchase gift cards or prepaid credit cards. Easy Money is not a bank account and you are unable to receive cash from your Easy Money account.

Information regarding the participant’s account or transactions may be disclosed to third parties when necessary to complete transactions, when the condition or existence of an account must be verified, to comply with a government agency or court orders, or with the participant’s written permission.

All transactions can be viewed online via www.basc1.org. Upon reviewing transactions, inform BASC of any discrepancies immediately. The error will be investigated and the participant will be notified of the determination within 20 business days. If BASC is not informed within 60 days after the transaction occurred, the participant shall assume liability for the erroneous charges.

Faculty/staff Easy Money account owners pay retail prices at all BASC facilities and a discounted price at the dining halls. Faculty/staff can use their Easy Money account to pay for guests to eat at the dining halls at the regular retail meal price. Retail prices and dining hall door meal prices are subject to change. Hours of operation are subject to change for all facilities accepting faculty/staff Easy Money accounts. Menus and hours of operation for all dining facilities can be found at www.basc1.org.

China, glasses, silverware or other dining services property must remain in the facility.

BASC Contact Information
Email: business.services@basc1.org
Phone: 585.395.BASC(2272)

*Fee subject to change.

Information on the above accounts can only be discussed with the faculty/staff who holds the account.